How to Make a Poll on Instagram?

How to Make a Poll on Instagram in 2024?

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  • How to Make a Poll on Instagram?
  • Why should I use polls on Instagram?

using Instagram polls, you can generate fun and interactive content that allows your followers to interact with you and give valuable feedback. Instagram has many users and they are increasing every day. It has to stay engaging to be popular among people for a long time. That’s why it adds new features to its application with every update that is released. you can buy Instagram views for stories to get engagement too. Polls are a new feature added to the Instagram application and as it is a brand new one, people ask us how to make polls on Instagram. Let’s talk a little bit about this in this article. 

When you post something on Instagram, you should write a compelling caption to attract good attention. If you ever learn about Instagram SEO, you’ll know that writing a good caption for your posts is a very important tactic to do if you want to get more followers on Instagram. Polls are things that are added to Instagram captions in new updates. Of course, the main target you must have when you own an Instagram account is to increase your engagement rate. This way you can get many more interactions and followers. One of the good ways to get more engagement on Instagram is using polls on your post captions. Remember to create good content visually and then generate compelling captions and polls too. Instagram polls are used to make engagement with the audience and to get feedback from them. What to do if you want to ask a question to one or more users, to conduct voting, or just to cheer up your followers? An Instagram poll will come in handy.

You can choose to personalize your poll question and the two options of answers from the user. It is also possible to determine the duration of the poll and monitor its progress in a real-time mode according to the followers’ voting. It is also easier to use as you just create the poll and then relax and wait for the results of the poll while you can also interact with your followers by responding to their answers or share the results of your poll via a follow-up article. Instagram polls can be summarized as a unique way to communicate with your audience entertainingly and collect their feedback. Who will not want to test it and get feedback from his or her followers?

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How to Make a Poll on Instagram?

  1. Open Instagram app
  2. Swipe right to see the story page 
  3. Tap on Create

  1. Tap on the icon below

  1. Then select poll

  1. Now enter the question you want to ask your followers
  2. Then you have to enter the options they can choose 

  1. You can also change color by tapping on the top of the box

Why should I use polls on Instagram?


Why should I use polls on Instagram?


There are several benefits to using polls on Instagram, including:

Increase engagement: Surveys are effective tools that enable you to engage your audience and have them be more involved with your posts.

Gain insights: Instagram users will be able to vote for the comments they find interesting through voting sections and thus help you collect interesting feedback. This is aimed at improving your content strategy and other aspects of content marketing by taking a data-driven approach to it.

Drive traffic: Surveys can also act as an effective way of creating traffic in your website or social media profiles. It is possible to ask followers a question about your products or services and provide a CTA to ‘visit the website’ or ‘swipe up to learn more’ in the post or story.

Boost brand awareness: Surveys are a great source and a powerful tool to demonstrate the uniqueness of a brand and establish a relationship with the audience. Creating various polls that will be interesting for followers, will help the brand’s visibility and make the followers return to the brand more often.

Encourage user-generated content: Have a polling mechanism to get user-generated content from your readers. Get followers to choose one of the specific topics or express their opinions and sense of community and involvement.

Improve product development: It is also possible to use polls as a means of collecting information about the post’s market or for finding out how people perceive new product concepts. When you seek the opinions of your followers about new products or services that you have and how they perform, you can afford to know some things, and this knowledge can shape the future direction of your company.

In general, polling on Instagram is a great engagement strategy that can help to gather insights, get Instagram traffic, raise brand awareness, motivate users to create content related to your product and contribute to the development of your product. The following are some of the benefits that one can get by starting to make Instagram polls today and on how to improve your social media presence.

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