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Frequently asked questions

? When will I see the story views I bought?
Our support team get your order done as soon as possible. Don’t worry. The order will be completed in the shortest possible time.
? Are there any risks associated with buying telegram story views?
No, there are no risks associated because you are not acting against any Telegram policy.
? Can I choose the specific number of views I want to purchase?
Yes sure, you can choose the number of views you want to purchase in the order submission page on MyMember.

Telegram has over 500 million active users throughout the world. More than 1 Billion messages are being sent per day on Telegram. The Telegram Stories feature was introduced in 2021 and allows users to share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Over 70% of Telegram users engage with Stories daily. Each user spends something about 3 to 4 hours a day. This statistic can prove that Telegram has been so popular in the world and that’s why many users tend to buy Telegram story views to get more engagement on Telegram. As the Telegram story is a new and interesting feature in recent updates, you have to make the best use of it now and try putting your content on the Telegram story.

What are Telegram stories?

Telegram Story is a tool that allows you to share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours.

Many individuals and businesses use Telegram stories to share photos or videos on their accounts (Buy Telegram Accounts) for different reasons. The concept of Telegram stories is considered new on Telegram because it has been added to the app recently. So it is a new and interesting feature that users will engage more on Telegram.

What are Telegram story views?

When you post something on your Telegram story, Telegram will show you the users who have seen your story within 24 hours. If you have a channel on Telegram (Buy Telegram Channels) and you want to announce something, you can post that as a Telegram story, and this way your contacts will view it more easily. Because Telegram stories are shown on top of the application and are easier to access than channels or groups.

Is it important to have a high number of story views?

If you have a Telegram channel or group, you probably use Telegram to expand your content or business. You must know that if you want to have a higher number of people viewing your posts (Buy Telegram Views), you better post a Telegram story rather than post a message on a channel or group. The reason is obvious, most Telegram users have many channels and groups but only some of the Telegram users can put stories, so when you post a Telegram story, it is more likely to be seen by your audience. Consequently, if you want your content to be seen more, use Telegram stories.

Benefits of buying Telegram story views

There are many benefits to buying Telegram story views, we’ll discuss some of them here:

You Get More Visibility

What you create is important but the more important thing is being seen. Entrepreneurs must know that the more visibility they get, the more it will affect their business positively. Converting everyone who sees your posts to a fixed follower might be challenging, but getting to know your business by more people is a win in itself. You have to create content about your products that make your customers talk about it to others. This is a great way of advertising as people advertise you without charging you. So buying telegram stories is important to get more visibility and make more people familiar with your job.

Get More Specific Traffic

It is awesome that you can choose who can see your Telegram Story. Yeah, you can see that but don't forget to make the most of it. To get this done, make sure lots of people in your target audience can see your Telegram Story. You would start to see results in terms of traffic pretty soon. If you use Telegram Stories and buy Story Views from the right source, you'll get more people to see your posts.

Will Get More Customers

Don't expect everyone who sees your Telegram Story to buy from you. But if a lot of people see your Telegram Story, you are more likely to get customers than if only a few people do. Getting a lot of views on your Telegram Story is a big deal. When you make cool content after you buy Telegram Story Views, you are more likely to get customers, which means your business will do well.

How to buy Telegram story views?

First, you have to find a trustable provider.

Then search for a suitable package that meets your needs

After that, you should add the package to your cart

Then you make the payment and put in the information required

Finally, you have to wait for the order to be done.

When is the right time to buy Telegram story view?

Knowing when to buy services like Story Views is very important. The best time you better post stories is when you have created good content on your channel or group and now you want to attract more members (Buy Targeted Telegram Members). When a Telegram user views your story, he will probably go to see your other content and you have to build that in the past so when they enter your channel they will subscribe to it.


Now you know that Telegram is one of the most used apps on our mobiles. And you know many telegram members (Buy Real Telegram Members) view stories every day. If you intend to improve your channel or group, you can put a telegram story to do so. As it is a popular new feature on Telegram now. You can try posting content that has a call to action on it and see if it gets more reaction on the Telegram story or not. Trying it is free!

Buy Telegram Reactions

Then if you want to attract more subscribers with the potential to be converted into customers, you can buy Telegram story views and wait for the results!

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