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Transfer members from one group to another. Mymember is proud to present one of the newest and fastest ways for getting targeted members. This way you can check your competitors' group members and add them to your target group. As a result, by using this method, you purposefully increase your group members and target customers and make your group more active. The result will be achieving your goal of having an active group and earning more money from your group. If you want to add targeted members to your group, hurry up!

Frequently asked questions

Yes, do not worry, buying this service is completely safe. Before sending the order, the targeted members of each business are properly identified to send high-quality and safe members.
Targeted members are either identified by you or our specialists identify them. These members will be sent to the desired group after registering the order.
The most important advantage of buying targeted members is increasing the number of real members of the group. Members who have an effective role in increasing revenue and can become loyal customers.
?What are the ways to buy a Telegram member?
Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, fake members are the cheapest. When you buy fake members, you can easily increase your Telegram channel and group members. This method also has less shedding. But real members have the best quality and they are more expensive.
?Will our channel be blocked by Telegram by buying Telegram members?
When you buy real members, be sure that these members are totally real. So Telegram can't delete them or block your channel.
?What is the best site to buy a Telegram member?
The best site to buy Telegram members is the one that gives you high-quality and non-drop members.
?How do we know if users are real and not fake?
If you buy real members from our website, be sure that they are 100% real. You can see the added users in the channel members section and chat with several users to be sure.
?What is the best type of Telegram member?
It depends on your purpose. Because each type is for a specific purpose.
?How long does it take for members to be added?
It will usually be done right after you buy them. And the time to do it depends on the channel. But it is done in less than 24 hours.
?Are the added members real?
yes. they are definitely real.

Buy Fake Telegram Members

Buy Telegram Members

Buy Telegram members to boost your business fast and cheaply. At Mymember you can buy real Telegram members or buy fake Telegram members 100% safe.

If you want to develop your business we suggest you buy targeted Telegram members. We are here to offer you all these services in the fastest time at an affordable price.



Buy Targeted Telegram Members From Mymember

Buy targeted Telegram members cheap from mymember to attract real customers fast for boosting your business. In this method, you can get members that are interested in your business.

You know that it`s very difficult to attract members and make them interested in the content that is published in the group, especially when you have specific topics. But you should not worry, because with the provision of targeted Telegram member purchase service, this problem has been completely solved.

So safely form your favourite topic and business by Telegram groups and develop it by purchasing a targeted Telegram member.

By buying targeted Telegram members, real members, or better to say real customers will be sent to you. Members who interact and create dynamism in your group after membership.

Be sure the targeted members we send you are selected exactly according to your purpose, need the content produced in your group, are sustainable, and most importantly, increase product sales and increase revenue.

Why Buy Targeted Telegram Members?

If you have the experience of having a Telegram group, have to know that it is very difficult to attract members. It takes a lot of time to gain the trust of members and convince them that your business is credible.

In addition, some businesses have their customers and need to buy targeted members to make money. These members are selected according to the type of your business and are the users who help your business grow. For example, digital currency groups have specific clients and not everyone is willing to join them.

In addition, they can not gain the trust of users unless they attract enough members. So the best suggestion for ICO group is to buy targeted Telegram subscribers, both to attract real customers and to boost business.

How Do Targeted Members Choose?

Target members identification filters for membership in each group are determined based on the following factors:

  • The location of the group
  • The purpose of the group
  • Depending on your target language

Based on these factors, we identify the best groups that have a large number of real and active members, measure the amount of activity of their members, and then send these targeted members to your group.

This Is What Happen When You Buy Group To Group Members

Targeted members are the real users who are active after joining your group. Other benefits of buying targeted Telegram members include:

  • Increase business brand credibility
  • Getting users trust
  • Increasing the number of real members
  • Increase the number of post views
  • Sell more product

Why Buy Targeted Telegram Members From Mymember?

To increase the number of members of your group you can buy Telegram services such as buy fake Telegram members or buy targeted subscribers. But remind that targeted members are active and real so are a better choice. We are one of the most reputable websites for providing Telegram services. We suggest you buy Telegram target members, because:

  • Targeted and real members will be sent to you.
  • We have 24-hour support.
  • Targeted members are sent in the fastest time.
  • The loss of submitted members is very low.

So buy Targeted Telegram members from mymember to boost your business immediately.

How To Buy Targeted Group Members From Mymember?

All you have to do is provide the link of your target group to our experts, and the targeted members of that group will be sent to you as soon as possible. But if you have not been able to choose the target group, do not worry, we are with you. Our experts, after a thorough review and analysis of your group and your goal, identify the target groups and invite their members to your group.

Keep in mind that to make your members last, you need to increase the quality and attractiveness of your group posts.



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How Does The Panel Of Buy Targeted Telegram Members Work?

As we said, targeted members are active users, interested in the content you publish in your group.

For example, if your Telegram group is about crypto currencies, members who are interested in the subject will be sent to you.

The way it works is that after identifying reputable groups or channels whose subject of activity is the same as yours, you refer to mymember website.

Then you submit your request and wait for the members to be sent.

But this is not the only way to get targeted members, if you do not know any target group or channel, mymember experts will do it for you, so safely place an order to buy targeted Telegram subscribers.

Can We Order Targeted Members For Our Telegram Channel?

Targeted members can only be sent to Telegram groups, which is why they are also called group to group members.

The good news is that for all your Telegram groups with different topics such as education, news, business or .... you can order targeted Telegram users.

If you want to promote your Telegram channel you can use from other services like buy real Telegram members of buy fake Telegram members,



The practice of purchasing targeted Telegram members has gained popularity as a means to enhance the reach and engagement of Telegram channels and groups. This strategy involves acquiring members who have specific interests or demographics that align with the content or purpose of the channel or group.

By buying targeted Telegram members, channel and group administrators aim to increase their visibility, attract a larger audience, and ultimately achieve their communication goals more effectively. This approach is particularly useful for businesses, organizations, or individuals looking to promote their products, services, or ideas to a specific target audience.

However, it is important to note that while buying targeted Telegram members can provide initial momentum and exposure, it should be complemented with valuable content and active community management in order to sustain engagement and foster meaningful interactions within the channel or group.


Ready To Buy Telegram Members & Subscribers?

Buy Telegram members to boost your business and become the most reputable business. As a Telegram channel or group owner, surely you have made lots of efforts to increase the number of members of your group or channel but have not achieved the desired goals.


Buy Telegram Members Cheap And Safe In 2023

Mymember has created a panel that contains the best services such as buying real Telegram members, buying fake Telegram members, or buying targeted Telegram members. By buying Telegram members, high-quality and non-drop members will be added to your channel or group.

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Why Buy Telegram Members?

As the world of technology has grown, the importance of using social media has become more important too. Meanwhile, some of these apps, such as Telegram, became more popular. The result is that today millions of active and real users are members of this program.

The popularity of Telegram and the presence of millions of users provided a good opportunity for businesses to take advantage of this great opportunity to grow their online business.

Each Telegram member is like a customer, so it is very important to increase the number of members of groups and channels. Therefore, various methods were proposed to increase the number of members, but over time and with increasing competition, many of them remained ineffective.

Until the best way to increase Telegram members, i.e. to buy Telegram members, was presented. Purchasing Telegram members is the only guaranteed way to increase the number of Telegram members 100% safe.

The panel offering to buy Telegram members of Mymember has the highest quality Telegram members at the lowest prices.

How Does The Panel Of Buy Telegram Members Of Mymember Work?

Mymember has the top panel for buying Telegram members. The constant satisfaction of our customers is proof that all the services of this website are of high quality.
For the convenience of users, various services have been provided in our Telegram member purchase panel, each of which is introduced below.

Buy Real Telegram Members :

The real members of Telegram, as the name implies, are the active members who are present in this app. By buying real Telegram members, real and active subscribers from real accounts will be sent to your channel or group. Do not worry about losing these members, the Mymember expert team has designed this panel in such a way that the probability of losing members after becoming a member is very low, so register your order safely.

Buy Telegram real members purchase panel consists of three services :


Forced Increase Method

By the Force increase method, the number of Telegram channel real members increases. In fact, all added channel members using special methods are real Telegram subscribers. Therefore, if your Telegram channel content is not attractive to them, they can leave your channel. These people are no different from organic members in terms of channel activity and only their level of activity may be different.


Gradual Method

As you were told, there are several ways to increase the number of contacts and your Telegram real members. This method depends on the content you produce. If the content of your channel or group will be attractive the members will maintain that. So if you order this service, pay special attention to the content.


Proxy Member

One of the most effective and cost-effective ways to increase your real channel members is to buy a proxy member. Telegram users must go through filtering to connect to this platform. Some channels offer free proxy users and you will be introduced as a proxy sponsor by purchasing a Telegram proxy member to join the members in your channel. In the Telegram proxy member, People who connect to this proxy will see your channel and become a member of the channel if they prefer. Note that the proxy member method is highly sensitive. Proper management and attractive posts are very effective in keeping such members. Proxy members are fully active and autonomous and will leave the channel if your channel is not good for them


Buy Fake Telegram Members

Fake members are accounts that are created only to increase the number of group or channel members and have no other effect. Fake members, also known as soul members or inactive members, play an important role in increasing the number of real members, and the credibility and trust of users. We suggest that if you have just established your Telegram group or channel, be sure to use the amazing service of buying fake Telegram members of Mymember to boost your business fast.


Buy Targeted Telegram Members

Do you want to have targeted members that boost your business? Mymember has a special service whose name is Buy Targeted Telegram Members. Targeted members or group-to-group members are real and active subscribers who are interested in your business. To have targeted members in your group, you must introduce the groups you want to our experts to transfer members to your group. If you can not do this, you can ask our consultants to identify these groups and then the steps to transfer users.

What Is The Difference Between Fake and Real Members?

Many people are looking for real Telegram members or fake Telegram members, but which one is better?

Real Members
Real Telegram members have been added for a long time with the main and principled methods, and they can view and submit comments, broadcast more comments and channel information, and they can expand the contents of the channel regularly.

Fake Members
But fake Telegram members only It increase the channel volume and capacity and do not have the capabilities of a real member, and if you buy from fake websites, it may fall and other real members of your channel will also be out of the channel!
don't worry! Mymember website provides the best quality of Telegram fake members with investigating and promoting Telegram fake member’s panels. Also, we recommend you buy Telegram views services to solve the low number of your post views.

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How Buy Telegram Members From Mymember?

To buy Telegram members, go to the Mymember website and then follow the steps below in order.
Select the service you want. (You can buy real Telegram members, buy fake Telegram members, or buy targeted Telegram members) After transferring to the payment gateway, pay the desired fee. All the payment gateways are completely secure, so you can buy Telegram members Paypal safe. Your request will be processed as soon as possible

How to buy Telegram members?

Sum Up
In this text, we learned what Telegram members are and what are the benefits of buying them. You also learn how many types of Telegram members are there. We talked about the pros and cons of each kind of member.
At last, we told you how to order each kind of member. And you saw each kind of member has a specific target. First of all, you have to know what kind of member you need for your Telegram channel or group. Then, search for each of them. At last, make a reasonable decision and choose the best way to increase the number of members. If you have any questions about the services that we offer for this social network, you can contact us via Telegram or WhatsApp.

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