How to Add Music to Instagram Story?

How to Add Music to Instagram Story?

Table of contents

  • What Is the Importance of Adding Music to Your Instagram Story?
  • How Does Music Enhance Your Instagram Story?
  • What Are the Benefits of Using Music in Instagram Stories?
  • How to Add Music to Your Instagram Story Using the Instagram App?
  • How to Choose the Right Music for Your Instagram Story?
  • What Are the Creative Ways to Use Music in Stories?

One of the good ways that can help you increase your Instagram story views, besides buying Instagram Views, is to add music to the story. When there is a trending piece of music on social media that everyone is listening to, try to take advantage of it and create content with it. You probably have noticed that when you open a story and you hear the sound of good music, you stay on the situation to check it till the end. Stay with us till the end of this blog of MyMemeber.


What Is the Importance of Adding Music to Your Instagram Story?

Including music in your Instagram story is now a necessity to make your content more fun and exciting. Music will improve emotions, it will help you establish the mood and better engage your audience. It may assist in communicating with your viewers like nothing else, and make your content sticky in the process. Music makes the viewers engage more with the Instagram story because it captures their attention and hence encourages them to watch until the end of the story without feeling bored or anxious.

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 How Does Music Enhance Your Instagram Story?

 A song when added to an ordinary video or image can turn into a beautiful narrative. It can enrich your content with feelings, passion, passion, and mystery which will help attract the audience’s attention. Thus, selecting an appropriate background increases certain emotions, enriches the narration, and ultimately makes the story more captivating to the viewers.

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 While Instagram growing day by day because of technological development and its features, the presence of music in Instagram Story can have the following advantages:


 What Are the Benefits of Using Music in Instagram Stories?


 What Are the Benefits of Using Music in Instagram Stories?


Applying music to the stories that you share on Instagram may perk up the general look of the content that you post. It can let your post be seen in a cluttered news feed, get more attention from your audience, as well as increase the likelihood of your post getting re-shared. Music also has the benefit of being expressive of one’s personality and creativity and improving the professional look of your brand.

 Apart from enhancing the humor of your content and thus being entertaining, music can also expand your reach on Instagram. Several types of research indicate that posts with music attract more views, likes, comments (Buy Instagram Comments), and shares on social media. Thus, you add more value to your posts by adding music to the Instagram stories and using that tool to engage the audience.


How to Add Music to Your Instagram Story Using the Instagram App?

Adding music to your Instagram Story can help enhance the overall aesthetic and mood of your post. Follow these steps to add music to your Instagram Story using the Instagram app:


  1. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device and tap on your profile icon in the bottom right corner to go to your profile.


  1. At the top of your profile, tap on the camera icon to create a new Story.


  1. Take a photo or video for your Story by tapping the circular capture button at the bottom of the screen. You can also upload a photo or video from your camera roll by swiping it up on the screen.


  1. Once you have your photo or video ready, you can add music by tapping on the sticker icon at the top of the screen. It looks like a square smiley face.


  1. In the sticker menu, select the "Music" option. You can choose a song from Instagram's music library by searching for a specific song or browsing through different categories like popular, moods, or genres.


  1. Select the song you want to use by tapping on it. You can preview the song by tapping the play button next to the title.


  1. After selecting the song, you can choose a specific part of the song to use in your Story by dragging the slider left or right. You can also add lyrics from the song by tapping on the lyrics button at the top of the screen.


  1. Once you have customized the music to your liking, tap on the "Done" button in the top right corner to add the music to your Story.


  1. You can further customize the music sticker by resizing it, moving it around on the screen, or changing the color by tapping and holding on the sticker.


  1. Finally, tap on the "Your Story" button at the bottom of the screen to share your Story with your followers. You can also save the Story to your camera roll by tapping the download button at the bottom of the screen.


Congratulations! You have successfully added music to your Instagram Story using the Instagram app. Share your creative and music-enhanced Stories with your followers to engage them further.

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How to Choose the Right Music for Your Instagram Story?


How to Choose the Right Music for Your Instagram Story?


It is appropriate to use good music compatible with Instagram stories so that it can enhance the chances of impacting the followers when they watch the stories. Here are a few tips to help you select the perfect track: Below, are some few factors that you need to check when you are selecting the right track:

  1. Match the mood: It has to be promising; choosing the tonality of the story to be delivered the night you’re to read will be helpful. In other words, to give a brief idea of the material to the listeners, a fast and cheerful melody or a slow and harmonious one is used.
  2. Check for copyright: Ensure that you monitor the type of music that you use whether is a free one or a copyrighted one, in the case of the latter, ensure that the license that you pay for allows the use of social media, especially IG.
  3. Consider your audience: It should also be tailored to the audience that would be interested in and the type of music that such an audience would prefer. This can be made to the preferred music type of the student so that he/she can be interested in the practice and even eagerly wait for it to take place.
  4. Use music strategically: Regarding the application of music in the approach to storytelling, it perhaps requires choosing the songs for storytelling that would create certain scenes, or that would be used in some points of telling. However, do not be tempted to use cheerful loud music at the said time of the day as that will also not be right.

 With the help of these tips, you will be able to choose the proper music options for the Instagram story and become appealing to your audience. Read more about choose the right music in the blog “How to Find Trending Audio on Instagram Reels?”.


What Are the Creative Ways to Use Music in Stories?

The viewers can embrace the feeling, and mentally pal the mood that is depicted in the given songs, as well as get a glimpse into the rather unorthodox stories narrated in them. Here are some creative ways to use music in stories: Here is the list of different perceptions that can be provided regarding the use of music at the time when one is either telling or retracing a certain story:

  1. Theme songs: This particular task could be accomplished by either composing or even selecting a well-known song that would have relevance to the personalities of the characters, setting, and significant events that make up the plot.
  2. Soundtrack: The first approach which at first glance can appear most productive and efficient is to choose songs that would be appropriate for the background visuals of the narrative and the feeling and movement of the story and use such as in the dramatic scenes.
  3. Musical motifs: This leads to the following reflections: Among the aspects that can be said to be related to structures that may be used in the creation of music or alteration of the existing music include.
  4. Musical cues: Search for other related techniques by which a change of scene or place can be made and notify the audience of what is going to happen in the play or create tension.
  5. Musical instruments: It is on this account that an impression of a definite environment of music is made to appear in the plot with a definite impression of definite musical devices or forms of music.
  6. Musical dialogue: Thus, analyzing the notion, according to which the characters of musicals sing lyrics of songs like ciphers, in the process of the libretto, the use of words from song lyrics or just songs, as the means to express feelings or emotions.

 Therefore, it can be suggested, that by employing these creative ideas under the narration of stories, one can even make magnificent use of the music, even to the extent of making every presented person admire his or her time watching the stories.

Frequently asked questions

Can I add music to my Instagram story?
Yes, you can add music to your Instagram story using the music sticker feature.
How do I add music to my Instagram story?
Select the music sticker option, search for a song, and customize how it appears on your story.
Are there any restrictions on adding music to Instagram stories?
Some songs may not be available due to licensing restrictions or region-specific limitations.

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