How to Know if Someone Is Active (Online) on Instagram?

How to See if Someone Is Active on Instagram?

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  • What is the Instagram activity status feature?
  • How to check your online status on Instagram?
  • Using Instagram Stories to check online status

Checking activity status is important on any social media platform. But how to know if someone is Online (Active) on Instagram? Users check activity status to understand when they can connect with other users on platforms in social media. People use social media platforms to connect with others rather than using messages nowadays. Sometimes you want to know if someone is online at the moment or not, because this will help you to find the right time to message them. Instagram is widely used by people nowadays and you should have seen many people around you check their Instagram accounts frequently. Almost all big brands and businesses have an Instagram account with a blue check mark to let their customers check their content whenever they want. If you don't have an Instagram account yet, you can think of buying an Instagram Account from MyMember right now. Instagram is a platform for both businesses and individuals. Individuals use Direct messages more than business accounts so most of them may want to know how to see if someone is active on Instagram.

There is just one condition to check if someone is active on Instagram and that is the permission they give Instagram to show their online status as It is something private for users. When you open then your direct messages list, you can see some users have a green dot below their name. this is when you understand they are currently active and you can connect with them right away. Instagram offers several ways to check someone’s activity status. For example, when you want to broadcast a live video on your Instagram account, Instagram will show you the number of followers that are online at the moment with their usernames included.

Knowing someone’s activity status on Instagram is important because you need to understand when you can connect with users. All social media platforms offer the feature to check activity status when you want to message users. This is important to use because as long as you don’t show your online status, you’ll be like a ghost and this reduces the number of messages you might get on social media. Because normally, people will connect with you more when they see you are online. This article of MyMember talks about the different methods to determine if someone is online on Instagram or not.


What is the Instagram activity status feature?

This is a feature on Instagram setting which you can turn on or off. You can allow other IG users to see your online status or not. Online status may be a highlight of Instagram that lets everybody see when somebody finally went dynamic on the stage. A green speck next to a user's profile picture means that they are dynamic on the app. This feature allows clients to know when is the correct time to contact another individual or have a discussion. It offers a real-time status of the user's accessibility or presence on the app. On the other hand, a few clients might feel typically small as well uncovering. It makes their online movement and nearness known to others.


How to check your online status on Instagram


How to check your online status on Instagram?

Are you considering whether the account you are interested in is active on Instagram or not? One is convenient in that it indicates whether they are online and willing to converse. Let's find out how to check someone's online status on Instagram: Legal Environment & Compliance: Management and/or Employees may consult legal counsels to assist them in legal issues that relate to the operations of the business organization.

1: Locate the Instagram app on the screen of your phone, then click it to begin the use. If you are already not signed in, then you do need to log in for the account.

2: To find direct messages, just click the flight icon located in the top right corner of the feed page.

3: If you are interested in scrolling through what you and your friends have been talking about, head to the direct messages page. This application allows you to find the person you are interested in and when tapping the picture of that person, the option to start chatting and knowing what is new with the person appears.

4: When a person is online you will find that there is a small green icon coming with the picture of a particular individual to show that the particular person is available to chat.

5: However, if you wish to discuss the message with the person, there is an option of writing to the person and hearing what they have to say. Notably, most active businesses or professionals are always connected to the internet; therefore, they are likely to respond as soon as they receive your message.

6: If the person is not available, then one will not see the green dot beside the picture of the person. All you have to do is send them a message and the other person gets it when they return to the App, in this case, Instagram.

 It is also important to know that not all users of Instagram have turned on their ‘Online Status’ hence one can not always tell if a particular user is online. One should allow a person to manage the status updates chronologically and not interfere with the private life by checking on him or her from time to time.


Using Instagram Stories to check online status

You can also use stories to check if someone is active on Instagram or not without actually messaging them directly. First of all, check if the user has posted a story in the last 24 hours. If the person is posting several stories on their account, it means they are pretty active on IG. Of course, if you check the time in which the last story was posted, you can understand when they were last online. It means that you have not muted them at first. If you need more information about it, we suggest you read How to Mute or UnMute someone on Instagram blog. Thanks for staying with us till the end of the blog.?

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